Thursday, July 05, 2012

Happy Fifth...

The day after the fourth when we can finally actually show off our Fourth of July pictures day! {And....HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY!}

What we did:
Picnic Dinner

Parade. It was such a HOT day! oh me heavenly days! {Yes that is a phrase we use a LOT in our house!} The last two years for the parade we were lucky enough to be in the shade. Not so much this year, we actually moved three times, but none of them were in the shade! The kids were kind of miserable! We tried to keep cool by pouring water on their heads. We actually left a little early. And seemed like this year was a lot smaller then last year.... But we still mostly had fun!

Naps. ahhhhhhhh.

Picnic Dinner. I made some festive desserts this year. White chocolate strawberries with blue sugar. It actually wasn't that great tasting but they looked really cute! Next year I want to try a cream stuffed strawberry (using marscapone cheese!) and a blueberry on top.

Fireworks. We sat a little further away this year, to make sure we could actually see the fireworks. Although we were just far enough away that we could barely hear the music over every ones talking {didn't they realize it was the BEACH BOYS singing!?} Anyways.... Joseph loved the fireworks this year, he was doing this hilarious fake laugh during the fireworks. people thought it was funny. Rylee... poor girl. was a little scarred. and tired, I covered her ears and she feel asleep half way through.

Made the kid's clothes this year. That was fun. and I made sure they were really easy. I didn't want to give myself an stroke over it. But I liked it. Also... I know you can't really see my outfit. I'm wearing a white shirt with a blue 'cardigan' on top. The white shirt I wore two fourth of July's ago and the blue cardigan used to be a shirt which I wore last fourth of July. and this year I made the blue shirt a cardigan and wore them both! Now that's what I call thrifty! and yes I cut my bangs!

Trying to keep cool! {Can you see Rylee's blue bloomers?}

She did this a lot yesterday....

I was debating putting this picture up, but it is just too hilarious not to. So I am risking my embarrassment for entertainment!

My actual reaction to a bee being too near me. I really do fear bees..... Thanks Cody.  And Rylee's face!