Friday, June 22, 2012


We borrowed a tent and sleeping bag from some friends, and we were all packed and ready to go by noon yesterday. We were going to go to place two hours away but at the last minute we saw that there were openings at a much closer and nicer spot... Mt. Timpanogos just past Aspen Grove and Sundance. Luckily there was an opening, usually it fills up fast. We had foil dinners and s'mores for dessert. Rylee explored the area and got massively dirty! Joseph carried his 'pooh bear" {not actually pooh, but that's what we calls him} EVERYWHERE. Come bedtime we realized we would have to be in bed with the kids to get them asleep. It was actually kind of fun just rolling around on the air mattress singing and telling bigfoot stories. And in good Schultz family camping tradition we even checked out Patrick F. McManus books and read some stories from that. We were finally tired enough and it was finally getting dark that we tried to get them to settle down, and lay down. Because we knew it would get so cold we just had the kids sleep between us {We should have bought a king sized mattress!} Needless to say it was cramped, and it took the kids a long time to settle down, but finally they did. Only to have Rylee wake up screaming two hours later! And when I say screaming I mean SCREAMING. non-stop. She's never really done that in the middle of the night, or maybe she has but we've been able to block her out....
She has a horrible diaper rash right now, very horrible. We think she had a bad tummy ache and then went poop and it was hurting her. So finally we changed her and by the time I finished putting her new diaper on she had stopped crying. THANK GOODNESS... we were also pretty secluded I'm pretty sure we didn't disturb anyone. I hope. And of coarse the kids woke up early. We had cereal for breakfast {with those individual cereals, we thought Joseph would like that, I think he did} Then we got ready and packed up, with the intention of explored Uinta National Park but with Rylee's ouchy bum and ridiculously narrow winding roads we just decided to come home. Which was good because I was able to get an appointment for Rylee and Cody didn't know it but he had more work stuff to do.
Overall I really enjoyed it, but I grew up camping and I have always loved it. Rylee seemed to enjoy the immense amount of dirt piling on her. I don't think Joseph really liked it. He kept saying "Okay, let's go home." I think Cody enjoyed it, maybe not as much as me but this was kind of an experiment. We talked about how we now know what more we need to bring. Like a hatchet for the wood. Which I had actually mentioned before we left. Luckily, at the last minute before we left Cody remembered the hammer for the stakes. He used the other end to cut the wood! We for sure needed more blankets. That was partially my fault, we could have had another sleeping bag to keep us warm but I forgot the sheet for the air mattress. I did remember double jammies for the little ones. Plus they had their blankets to help keep them warm.
hopefully there will be many more camp outs in the future!
The Tent will go right here!

We brought the play pen to keep Rylee away from the Fire, but  the pit was pretty kid  friendly.

Cody was in charge of the fire. he did very well. I though we would run out of wood, but he did good!

eating a stick...

She enjoyed the s'mores

he...did not. He spit it out, But he did enjoy the chocolate...


Now we only have two (and a half) more days until Cody's new crazy-scheduled job starts. Then we won't hardly see him or be able to do anything {expect, kind of, on Sundays}. it's only four weeks, but we will miss him so much! :(