Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cody's Twenty-Eight

Cody Turned 28 last Tuesday!
It was a pretty good day he says. He doesn't have work on Tuesdays and no class until 6pm so we got to spend it together. I made him his favorite Breakfast and Dinner. I got him The Lord of the Rings :The Fellowship of the Rings Extended four dics Edition  I got it cheap online so it should be here any day  i also got him a self-help book. Those tend to be his favorite books. So nice. Cody, that lucky duck, was able to buy himself a Wacom tablet for his digital painting. So cool! He said I could even use sometimes too. ;)
Since I didn't have the movie I used our book version and printed off the cover of the movie and stuck it inside the book. Cody was a little confused at first

The cake  ( i did NOT make that)

Keeping up the Robles tradtion of a banner on the birthday! Mine usually suck so i traced printed out letters. I'm  lame i know. Joseph helped me color! 28 candles on bottom to celebrate his age!