Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oregon Coast Memories

I feel bad.
A year ago in August my family went to one of our favorite places on earth (and mine and Cody's honeymoon destination) Oregon Coast with my brother-in-law and his family. My brother-in-law and his high school sweetheart are only two months apart, i was in the grade under them (me and my date and them and some others went to a prom together, the best one I went to) and Cody was a grade older and we all went to the same high school. Unfortunately  Cody and I didn't really get to interact with each other much, although he tells me he knew who i was very well :) Luckily we met later and hit is off really well and the rest is history.
Anyways, I LOVE to take pictures so I documented our little family vacation pretty well I thought and got some fun pictures. Unfortunately  I lost almost ALL of the pictures, they just disappeared! *sniff* That has never happened to me, usually I am very careful with my pictures and make sure I have them. But this time they slipped through my grasp! Before that happened though I was able to get a few pictures onto so i could print some pictures.

Our oldest boys!

They just had their third boy. I'm betting on the chance that they will have all boys! And I think that they would be just fine with that! 

My crazy hair!

If you notice their picture says 'thank' and ours says 'you'. I printed these off as a "thank you" to Cody and Nathan's mom's cousin ( I think I got that right) one of the coolest people i know, Eunice, who graciously let us stay at her unbelievably beautiful home (which has an amazing view of Nahalem Bay). Both of us want to make a tradition of going to the Oregon Coast often. Cody and I were able to go see Cannon Beach (our honeymoon spot) and the great resort we stayed at. So many good memories for both of our families!

Highlights from the trip:

  • Seeing Eunice's house again.
  • going to Wheeler's antiques stores
  • A Sneaker wave almost taking Ephraim and Joseph out to sea! (okay so they weren't in that much danger but it was still very scary to us.)
  • Waking up early to see starfish
  • pulling the boys around on the bogie board
  • sand getting EVERYWERE! uhg. (not necessarily a highlight but definitely something I remember)
  • Flattening a penny on a train track while a train went by ( which is now taped in Joseph's journal)