Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rylee is 18 Months!

Today is Rylee's 18 month birthday! I can't believe how big she is getting! time keeps moving faster and faster! Can someone please make time slow down again!? 
She loves her big brother Joseph! She wants to do whatever he is doing and she hates to be left out. She is such a little helper wannabe. When I am folding laundry she grabs them and unfolds them and puts them back in the hamper because she thinks she is helping that way. She also loves to help put clothes away. She also gets a lot messier than I remember Joseph ever getting. While Joseph is very conscious about keeping clean, Rylee could care less about the snot and dirt and food that is all over her, although I do notice she doesn't like being wet, that could go along with hating water and this fear she obviously has of it. She says 'mommy' and 'daddy' very clearly as well as "waa" (water) and "Bana" (banana) "mine" and "baw" (Ball). She doesn't say no...she say "uh" or "uh uh" and shakes her head back and forth once and gives this very defiant look. Just today she added folding her arms to the mix.
Also just today we were watching the newest "Les Mis" trailer and at the beginning when the girl sings the 'Castle on a cloud" tune Rylee started singing as well! (not perfectly with the tune, but singing none the less)  It came out of nowhere and if I had been expecting it I would have been ready with a camera....but I wasn't. So you'll just have to believe me.
Rylee loves shoes, she always wants to be wearing them (except in bed). When Joseph sees me putting them on her he thinks we are leaving somewhere. I have to tell him his sister is just obsessed with shoes and wants to wear them, and no we aren't going anywhere just yet. She is so friendly, whenever...and I mean whenever someone walks by she has to wave hello to them. Is it so sweet and makes people smile. People still love her hair...although now that we've cut her mullet and it lays down a little bit more not as many people have said much about it. :(
Rylee is a BIG time eater too. She eats almost as much as me and Cody! Definitely more than Joseph. She has a bit of a belly. Pediatricians say that kids know when to stop eating....but I wonder about Rylee.
She is such a joy to have in our family, I am so glad she is here. She is so cudley and lovey! She loves to give hugs and just sit on my lap. I LOVE it. Girls are so special in that way. They can bring so many smiles. I hear girls are more of a challenge then boys when they become teenagers. But I am looking forward to that time as well as loving this age. 


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Her long mullet hair...

We gave her a hair cut. Even though i love that her hair had grown so long, the mullet was a little much.