Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving and Decorations

I'll admit it. I wan't in the most grateful modes this Thanskgiving. That sounds awful, and maybe not exactly what you think. We had Thanksgiving alone. Which was nice. Many know we aren't the most outgoing type and tend to do things on our own. it was a very relaxing and low key thanksgiving, which I am thankful for. our Turkey also turned out good this year... compared to this year. And I really tried hard not to think about the Ward Christmas party that is this weekend. The one that I am in charge of and is stressing me out and consuming all my thoughts! yeah that one! that was part of the reason i wasn't really able to concentrate on the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday. I don't mean that I'm not grateful because I really am, I just couldn't even wrap my head around it.
But I am grateful for
The Gosepl of Jesus Christ, really really I am. I'm not just writing that, i wish i could express how grateful i am for the gospel and everything it means to me. 
And the Holy Ghost what a wonderful guide and truth-sayer. If didn't have the spirit I would know and understand as much as I do now. 
I am so grateful for school. It's been soooooo tough, but I have also learned so much and so much of it is applicable to my life now and has helped me so much. 
My wonderful and amazing husband who has really helped pull his weight around here with a wife spending so much time on the computer going to school! Our house is even more messy than it usually is and I usually don't know what dinner is going to be until like 30 min before and he is so patient with me while I am trying to learn how to balance everything. 
My playful Jojo. he is finally getting the hang of the potty, after 2 1/2 months...except going poo, he's scared it will hurt. We are trying to get him to understand that is won't! He is such a sweet kid too. Him and Rylee definitely have their arguments but lately he has been giving her hugs and kisses! And he is so playful he just has such a strong imagination. 
And Rylee is so clingy! And sensitive too, we've been having to get after her more lately she has turned so independent, as opposed to jojo who loves having things done for him. But when ever we look at her a certain way or get after her she just melts down, its actually really cute. But all she wants is a hug. and she always wants to be held. She is also so lovey, hugs ans kisses all the time. 
It's super late, I need to go to bed. just know that I am so grateful for so many things.

 I thought for sure we would wait to put up Christmas decoration until after the party . I'm afraid of getting sick of Christmas before it even comes. I had a really hard Christmas last year. It was my most stressful one. But in preparing for the Christmas Party Program I have really gotten into the Christmas Spirit and could hardly wait to put things up! We even bought a new nativity...a representation of India! Someday my house will be filled with nativities. I will be writing more about this Christmas mood I am in later, but for now...
Can I just say how awesome Pandora is! We typed in Bing Crosby Holiday and the best holiday music played for us while we put up our decorations! A good mix of GREAT classics. It was wonderful.

The tree. Love our afghan tree skirt? 

Sorry our camera goes really blurry...a lot.