Wednesday, December 05, 2012

December 4, 2012

Just had to show our pretty Rylee! 
helping Mom make Crepes! They LOVE to help me. I am trying to get into more pictures with the kids. I read a post where they challenged mothers to get into more pictures with their kids so they can have more cherished memories with us. 

During the Christmas Devotional. Joseph was sooo tired that night, Cody couldn't resist holding him! And then he feel asleep. Very tender

Our Awesome Quad Preschool. We haven't been in  a couple of weeks because of Dr. appointments so it was good to go back!

The Preschool is for the two and three year olds in the ward community but siblings are invited too, so Rylee gets to participate! She loves it!
I'm not trying to leave Jojo out...He's got lots of pictures, and it's been hard getting a good picture of a wiggily girl! I love that cheesy smile!
Can you see the comparison between our crappy Kodak and a nice Nikon (rented from the school)? Yeah that's why I want one.