Thursday, December 13, 2012


 It snowed Sunday and Monday. It actually snowed quite a lot on Monday. 
I had some things I had to do that day which always scares me, driving through slippery snow. 
But I did it and was safe. 
By Tuesday the sun came out and started melting the snow. 
Before it was all gone Cody took the kids outside to go down our little hill.
We wondered how Rylee would take it. 
Because she seemed to scared of the snow last time.
But she really did great!
She loved going down on the sled! 
And yes, it sis actually go just nicely even on little snow.
Afterwards we had a good old fashioned snowball fight.
It's so funny how some kids almost beg you to throw cold wet snow balls at them,
The same way they ask you to tickle them!?
I hate being tickled, I'm pretty sure I never asked anyone to tickle me.
But that is what Joseph did.
Asked to have snowballs thrown at him. 
Rylee didn't necessarily ask but she sure liked it!
And who would have thought that being whitewashed could be seen as a sign of affection?
It was all melted by Wednesday night. 
I'm glad we did it when we did.
what a fun little memory.  

I am also almost done Christmas shopping just one more thing for Rylee....
And then I still have me. 

Rylee sporting mama's shoes! This girl loves shoes. 

Here she is doing a jig. She also loves to dance. And if I could actually upload the videos from the Nikon (a downside to the wonderful DSLR) then I could show you her moves. 

Experiencing Harry Potter 1 for the first time. Joseph was 'carried away by the magic'.