Tuesday, March 19, 2013

St. Patrick's Day...aka Irish Heritage Day

Well, that's the plan anyways. Make St. Patrick's Day a day that we talk about and celebrate our Irish Ancestry - James Patrick McGinnis (my mom's fraternal side) and Michael Christopher Coady (Cody's dad's maternal side...and where he got his name!) I didn't really plan it this year though because I was a little preoccupied with the Relief Society Birthday Dinner and it was one of the busiest weeks of my life leading up to St. Patrick's day. 
Oh, and I am so excited! I had heard about real shamrock plants and I really wanted one but didn't know how to get one. Then last Monday I went to our neighborhood Grocery Story Macey's and they had a table with St. Patrick's day stuff and low and behold there was real Shamrock ! So I had to get it! But I am awful with plants...so my goal to to keep it alive until next St. Patrick's day!
We had a Rainbow Fruit Breakfast, Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner, Shamrock Shake dessert and we all wore green to church ( I even threw together two shamrock pins for the kids to wear) The kids looked so stinkin' cute but I didn't get a picture before we changed clothes! :(
We told the kids the stories of James and Michael and how they came over from Ireland. 
We tried to find something about Ireland on the TV...no luck. I had pulled up a history of Ireland program on Youtube but we decided to walk to the temple instead. I think I was the only one interested in the show!
I really love St. Patrick's Day. 
*** I just needed to mention...This post is my 17th post for the year 2013! Coincidence or Luck? ;)

Real Shamrock. I know the question you're all wondering... there were no four leaf clovers. :( But still so cool!

We had this in a frame in our living room. Found here

My Ancestor - James Patrick McGinnis and Nancy Jane Cantrell. 

Our St. Patrick's Day Banner

Fruit Rainbow Breakfast

Mint Shamrock Shakes

I made this wreath last year after St. Patrick's Day...it started coming apart in Storage ( I didn't tape it good enough, I guess) But I hadn't used it so I still put it up this year anyways.