Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Book "Covenant Motherhood"

I was just reading over as Women in the Scriptures about a new book out called Covenant Motherhood. It sounds like a really great book! Here is one quote from the book that has really made me want to read it.....
" I used to dream really big. My notebooks were more about traveling the globe and getting degrees and teaching and making a difference. I'm happy to report that over time the Lord has blessed me with chances to do many of those things, but not one of them matters as much to me as the people He gave me. God and my little family have turned me into a better me than the me I had imagined. And when all is said and done, if I were to find out that I wasn't allowed to keep most of the things that are important to me, my husband and my children are the things I would hold onto the tightest. The things I never knew I wanted are my greatest treasures". (pg. 57)