Thursday, March 28, 2013

Our 2013 Summer Bucket List

So, I've made a summer bucket list for our family (Summer 'officially' starts for me when school is out!).... This hasn't helped with my procrastination in I really can't wait until school is over.
Just two and half more weeks!
There are things like picnics, movies, etc which we do a lot of in the summer anyways that I didn't add to the list. And there are some things that we have always wanted to do and just haven' making our own applesauce or going to the aquarium. I am really excited for summer this year. I hope I can appreciate it a little more this year. Since I have been so busy with school all winter long and now I can relax a bit and just enjoy the moment. Last summer was fun...but I was also pretty low (messed up hormones....I blame the birth control) Although, if I end up getting pregnant I could also just feel sick the whole summer. :( Oh well. I think it will be good memories for our kids.

Book Festival at Library 
Watch a Caterpillar turn into a Butterfly
Star Gazing
Flashlights at night
Hunt for Glow sticks
Plant Flowers
Sidewalk Chalk
Pet Store
Make Popsicles
Treasure Hunt
Photo Booth
Fly Kites
Make Shirts
Family Photo
Yard Sales
Flea Market
Feed Ducks
Letters to Family
Make a Movie
Mini Golf
Homemade Applesauce
Visit Kennewick
Cookies for Friends
Krispy Kreme Tour
Service Project
Homemade Ice Cream
Car Wash
Water Gun Fight