Friday, May 24, 2013

Library Book Festival

We went to our libraries book festival. It was pretty fun! There were games and a puppet show and even two live owls. The screech owl was so cute! The kids made crowns and wands got their faces painted and had there fortunes read.

Joseph's "You will experience beauty in this world, but only after you eat your vegetables."
Rylee's "Don't eat candy from off the floor."

I couldn't believe Rylee's it was so funny, especially since she did try that earlier in the day!
There was a little two person band playing medieval music and some famous illustrators doing personalized drawings for free (the Line was super huge so we didn't get one)

And coolest of all - the author of one of my favorite books growing up was there signing her Books.
Gail Carson Levine author of Ella Enchanted. And I had her sign my copy!

This sweet volunteer helped Joseph with the Maypole. I was doing it with him but Rylee was being really clingy and wanted me to hold her. You should know that Rylee is quite a bit heavier then she looks and holding her with one arm after I had already been holding her all day was very difficult) So I tried putting her down but she freaked out and so this lady said she would take Joseph around. And Cody wasn't just ignoring us. He was being my hero and running home to get my copy of Ella Enchanted to be signed!

He is just so cute!

He wanted me to get a picture of his spider on his arm. 

Rylee's face paint. I couldn't even get he far enough a way from me to get a good picture of her with her crown and wand. She has gotten soooooo clingy!