Friday, May 24, 2013

Rylee's Two

Rylee turned two last Friday.   
Time has really flown by. 
A little over a year ago I was still skeptical about weather she was actually a red head or if it was too good to be true! She is our beautiful girl. 
She loves food! I swear she eats more then Joseph ever did. 
She loves her baby dolls - she loves to cuddle them and kiss them and she even puts them in her crib turns out the lights turns on the radio and shuts the door shushing us as she does so. 
She loves doggies - Like stuffed animal dogs not real ones. Nana and Papa bought her a little one when they watched them for our anniversary and she has to carry it everywhere. 
She loves to sing and dance and she has one of the silliest and most confident walks I've ever seen.
She is very independent - Where Joseph liked to have things done for him, she....does not. 
She has a temper to match her hair. 
She can say prayers (although she just says our names and Jesus over and over...but it's cute)
She loves people and is so friendly to complete strangers. She yells "hi" to EVERYONE! 
She is one the messiest kids in the world....hands down!
I just asked Jojo what he likes about his sister. He says that she is funny, and she likes pizza, and is a good friend!
She is still trying to say more words and say them clearly. This morning she said to Cody "I'm going to get you!" 
She is growing. 95% in weight (See heavier then she looks) 85% for height, and 45% for head. At least her head is smaller ;). 
I wonder if she will be taller then Joseph because he was in the 60% for height and she has always seemed tall to me.  
I am so glad we have Rylee in our lives. I love having her personality around. She is so cuddly and it makes me so happy. She has made Cody a little more sensitive too and she loves her daddy so much. 

Tuckered out

Her rainbow layered cake that took forever to make!

The kid's Table

Trying out Rylee's Bubbles 

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