Monday, June 03, 2013

Five Years

Cody and I celebrated are fifth anniversary at the beginning of May. We were thinking how nice it would be to go stay somewhere just the two of us for a night (something we've never done) We were so lucky to have my parents come down and watch the kids for us. We just stayed in Salt Lake but we really enjoyed ourselves. We got to see the beautiful flowers at temple square and had dinner and went through a session at the temple. I've never been through the Salt Lake Temple so that was definitely a treat for me. It was a little short-lived because of shady stand-by seats on the airlines that my parents had to make sure they got back home to work so we didn't really get to visit my parents. But I am still really grateful they came and it was such a nice experience.
Oh also, I have to share this one story. Our car got broken into at our hotel during the night! Everything from the glove box was thrown all over the seats! and the trunk was a mess. Nothing was stolen. The thief must have been disappointed to find nothing of value in our little ford Taurus! Except the car itself which we are grateful was NOT stolen! :)

Cody picked these wildflowers for me!

Handsome man!