Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Summer Bucket List

Not as big as the family one.
Just things I can do after the kids go to bed.

1. Read only Newbery Award Winning Books
*** Okay I'm being kind of lame and changing this. As good as I'm sure these books are I have some across a bunch of books I really want to read more. Three of which being Stephanie Fowers' new 'Twisted Tales' trilogy books. 

{Here is the list of all the Newbery Award Winning Books}

2. Make a Quilt!

{Maybe it's a little too ambisous for a first quilt. I want to try though. It will be our picnic quilt}

3. Finish my Etsy Products
Flannel Crib Sheet : Dinosaurs on Brown
{That's right! I haven't completely abandoned my shop! I still have fabric and I still have ideas that I am excited about. So I can get those done and up on my shop!}

4. 30 day Photography Challenge

{Pinned this lovely from Shaylee. I really want to do this}

5. Take an Exercise Class

{Yeah...Probably the thing I am least interested in but I know I should. If I get pregnant then I want to sign up for a pregnancy water aerobics class (I'm more excited about that, I just need to get pregnant already!}

6. Sewing Projects (General)
Have you Seen my three Pinterest boards dedicated to sewing? (I'm a little OCD when it some to organization)
Yeah...pretty much any of these projects that fit my fancy....because now I have the time!

{Adult Sewing Projects}

{Home Sewing Projects}

{Kid Sewing Projects}

7. More exciting Dates with Cody

Just because it's summer so we can do more! {Pinterest}

I need to add one more...
8. Do Family History

I don't have a specific number of names to do but I think this is something else I really should be doing right now.