Sunday, March 31, 2013

First day of Shorts in 2013

We have been LOVING the warmer weather! Having two kids who can walk and want to run made winter feel really long. I busted out the shorts (and skirts) this week. Now I need to get the kids sandals  Well, Rylee needs shoes that fit her in general. We got some hand-me-downs that fit her for like a week and then her feet grew! Her poor pinched feet. Luckily she is now a size 5-6 which they sell at TJ Maxx and Ross so I can get her cheaper shoes. It was so hard to find her affordable shoes until now because most places only had little baby shoes and size 5 and above nothing between that was sturdy enough for a walking, running, playing toddler.
The kids love to be outside...especially when there are other little kids outside! Joseph and Rylee consider every kid their friend and say (more like yell) "Hello" to every passer-by. Joseph really needs to be in Pre-school.