Monday, April 01, 2013

Easter 2013

What an Easter! On Saturday we had a ward Easter egg hunt, after which we attempted to go to a city Easter Egg Hunt on Campus ...yeah....never doing that again. Too many people...we couldn't even get into the field to grab eggs because there were so many people. So we left and right across the street at the stadium the BYU football team was having a Spring Scrimmage and it was free admission so we went to that for about an hour or two.(different Post)

Lots of kids in the ward...we love it!

Go get um Joseph!

The spoils
 We don't have church until 12:30 so we ate some chocolate and made colorful chalk art, while Cody worked on his lesson for the day. After Church we ate Roast and had dessert and made oursleves sick . We went a little overboard this year... But it was a beautiful day so we spent time outside!

Preparing for his lesson.

The decorations. I bought a book for a $1 at DI to make the banner. On Easter I noticed that one of the pages had a swear word on it! It was kind of funny and weird to find a swear word on a Easter decoration! 

The kids looked so cute! And they were holding hands and being so cute!

New Dress. I know you can't see it all, but it's super cute!

Our Wizard! So Proud :)

Our colorful chalk art

Handsome Man! Like his new glasses. Rylee broke his other ones!

Joseph has NOT been wanting to go to church or Sunbeams. He puts up a fight every week! We bribed him this day.
My boys