Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rylee's First Birthday

So... I was looking back through our blog reminiscing about times past and I realized that I never blogged about Rylee's FIRST birthday (or Joseph's third!)! What!? What is up with that!? Birthdays are like the most important things to blog about! I can't believe it. The only thing I can think of why I didn't blog about it is because at those times I was being confused and trying to decide if I wanted to try and have a crafting blog to try and make money off of and was spending a lot of time switching blog names and what not. Anyways, on to the good stuff!....

Rylee's Firth Birthday

At the end of April 2012 we went home to see my sister get married (Holy cow another thing I didn't blog about!) We realized that this would be the only time we could celebrate Rylee's birthday with family even though her birthday was still three weeks away. I had been planning the menu and decorations before we left and gathered them all for the trip.
We did a Little Miss Sunshine Theme. Because Rylee is our happy little girl! I found Pink Lemonade flavored cake mix and frosting! Perfect the colors were going to be pink and yellow. We had the party at my parents house and we had pizza for dinner and then fruit and cupcakes and watched Rylee open presents. The great thing about having family live in the same town is celebrating with both families! Get ready for picture overload.... Kendall took the pictures with her awesome camera.


We had Vanilla flavored cupcakes (yellow with pink flowers) and Pink Lemonade flavored (Pink with Yellow flowers) A girl in my ward who decorates cakes had done the chocolate flowers before at a Relief Society Activity and I thought they were so cute!

Ignore the balloon on top of the cupcakes.... 

We love her!

Love this boy!

She adores this doggy..with the freaky eyes! :) 

I'm so glad we could celebrate her first birthday with family!

May 17, 2012 dawned grey and gloomy and rainy! :( But because of our Little Miss Sunshine it was a wonderful and low key family affair. We had dinner (I can't remember now what it was) and we bought a small pack of cupcakes and played a balloon game...which the kids weren't too thrilled about, we attached it to their rear sides and chased them.