Thursday, April 11, 2013

Joseph's Third Birthday

August 2012
I don't know why we never thought to celebrate Joseph's Birthday when we went home for a surprise visit! I mean what were we thinking...or not thinking? Oh well. Joseph's birthday was on a Sunday and the night before he gave us a taste of what the day would be like....he threw up! :(  So his birthday was full of relaxing (at least we were..kind of) and laying around and really low key. We made (bought? ah this is why recording right away is good I can't remember) cookies and so we let Joesph blow out his candles that we stuck in it. A week or so later we had a friend party. It was a Wild Kratts Birthday. Wild Kratts is a show on PBS with two brothers Kris and Martin Kratt and their creature adventures. The Kratt Brothers were around when I was a kid their show was called "Kratts Creatures" A live action not cartoon. Then it turned into "Zaboomafoo" (still live action) and now it is Wild Kratts. The beginning and end are live action but the show itself is now fully a cartoon. I loved it as a kid so it was fun to have Joseph so into it...It still is his favorite show on PBS. So I thought I was being so clever by having a Wild Kratts Birthday... turns out there have been quite a few blogged about which was nice because then I could get some ideas for decorations and activities and cakes. unfortunately there are no pictures of all the work I put into it! :( So you will have to satisfied with pictures from the other blogs. 
We invited like all the kids in his Senior was a HUGE class and mostly boys..all actually except one girl. But we also invited Andrea Jojo's 'girlfriend' we just call her that because they get along well and so do me and her mom (Her husband just graduated from animation and they live nearby). Unfortunately, we handed out invites late and only Andrea and one other boy showed up. Honestly, I tried and looked like I was not disappointed but I kind of was. I know people had already made plans and some kids got sick so I don't blame anyone but it was still a bit disappointing. And even though Joseph was kind of being a stinker and not wanting to participate I think he still liked having some friends to play with.

They played with balloons a lot!

One of the games...  Cheetah Tag they ran around with those yard sale dot stickers and had to stick them on each other to earn a cheetah Creature Power Disc (From the show) 

Joseph's lack of cooperation. 

Birthday Tradition Alive...Birthday banner.

There he's participating now! :)

Our sick boy! So sad.

Their power suits ...I was going to make one for each kid then decided that was too much (good thing because hardly anyone showed up) and then I was just going to make one for Joseph but it never happened. The Creature Power discs go in the middle of the paw on their suits and turns them into animals to learn more about them.

We altered a few of the animals. Each kid had to participate in a game to get a Creature Power Disc (from the show ) and a snack the went with each animal. 

Cheetah Disc - Cheetah Tag with dot sticker - Snack - Animal Crackers (because Cheetah's eat other animals.
Elephant Disc - Pin the Trunk on the Elephant (Cody made it and it was great!) - Snack - Juice Pack because Elephants can drink A LOT and through their trunks. 
Bird Disc - We made paper airplanes that I had bought when we were going to do automobiles for his birthday and we 'raced' them. - Snack - Gummy Worms (Because Birds eat worms)
Bear Disc - I can't remember now I think we were going to have them wrestle around - Snack - Ha I can't remember anymore. 
Shark Disc - I think we were going to do go fish (can't remember) Snack - Gummy Sharks because they were sharks...
And sadly I can't remember the last Creature Power Disc or treat. :(
Anyways it was cute that's all you need to know!

So I was on a cupcake kick last year. I had Nutella cupcakes (didn't turn out) and Rylee had Little Miss Sunshine cupcakes and Jojo had Wild Kratts cupcakes. The cupcakes had blue and green paws on them. The colors were blue and green because Kris always wears green and Martin always wears blue... It has been like that even when I watched as a kid.