Friday, July 26, 2013

July 2013

This actually happened awhile ago. But even though Rylee was wearing her sandals she somehow got a huge gash in her heal! There was no blood - and she didn't cry (except when we cleaned it) But it needed to be protected and band-aids wouldn't stay on so we had to wrap it up in gauze and tape. It seemed a little overboard but it was also a lot of fun to wrap up her heel using First Aid that had never been used before). It healed up nicely. 

The Multimedia Lab (Cody's Work) is a department inside the Media Center in the Library. Each month in the Media center they always have a white board with marker art of different characters (usually Disney) of movies the media center loans out. The kid who usually does it is gone this summer. So they asked Cody if he wanted to do it. They asked him to do it on a Pioneer video they had in stock. He was determined to not do a cartoon (cartoon pioneer movies are not many) and make it look legit. I think he succeeded. It got quite a bit of attention. 

Joseph and Rylee have been playing so good together lately. Like actually playing consistently with each other for an extended period of time. They have little conversations. Last night Cody and I could here them arguing to each other - but it was so cute to here because it was a conversation argument (if that makes sense) So cute!

Funny Faces

More Funny Faces

I am convinced that kids are the best dresser-upers.  Joseph got into my supplies for an activity on Sunday ....
Which reminds me to update that Cody and I were both released from our callings last Sunday. We were called to be Primary Teachers - Sunbeams - Joseph's class! I was kind of bummed at first. I was really looking forward to sitting out with the sisters in Relief Society and talking to them, I have been feeling really isolated from members of the ward (and being the only family with older and multiple kids NOT living in Quad 1 doesn't help the way I feel) Also my one experience in Primary was not a good one. I hated it and dreaded coming to church each Sunday. But the calling has grown on me and I have been working on the lesson for next week since Sunday.

Joseph has been having a HUGE problem going to sunbeams and Primary - at the beginning of the year for a month or so he did really well but then all of sudden he hated it and refused to go, we had to throw him off of us and run out the door while he proceeded to cry at the door. Then he did really good and told us one week that he wanted to go to Primary and he was doing really well. Then a few weeks ago it started up again. His teacher had to restrain him while we ran out. Really sad but he always got better after a few minutes and always told us he had fun afterwards. So having us as teachers will be really helpful (maybe why we were called - that and his previous teacher is now the Primary President)
It will also be nice to be with Cody all Sunday. Although, he still has to teach in Elder's Quorum next Sunday because there are so few people in our ward during the summer that they don't have anyone to replace Cody as a teacher yet. So he will help with the lesson and then go teach his lesson while I sit with the class in Sharing Time. Oh yeah, and this class (Sunbeams) is the same kids I had in Nursery before I was called to Relief Society, so I know them already which will hopefully help too. And there are only four of them (three in a month). Small class.