Friday, July 26, 2013

Pioneer Day

We don't do much this day. It's not a holiday we even knew exited until we were older and then we never lived anywhere where they celebrated it. But they had a Pioneer Extravaganza in the Park so we went. We were super late though and only had an hour to complete an activity to get a prize - Which we didn't' get but we still had some fun.

Cool Tepee! 

Yes.... that is a mustache. 

She was such a good sport and left it on the whole time until if fell off after she had some water. 

Needle in a Haystack game. 

Super cool old Fire engine. The older man who owns it said it was from 1917 and that it used to ride the streets of Provo then. He feel in love with Fire Trucks when he was five and years later found this engine in Idaho of all places! He brought it back and fixed it up. Now he brings it to things like this and lets kids sit on it for free hoping it will spark a love of fire engines like it did for him. Really sweet guy.
Sweet Joseph was frightened of the siren (you turn the handle to get it to make noise) so I had to tell him we didn't have to sound it if he didn't want to to get him to come on.