Thursday, September 26, 2013

Making Plans

So, we've all been told it's good to make plans and goals and to shoot for something. Cody and I have been feeling a tad lost as to what we are doing and were we are going. Although, I will say that since Cody has switched to Illustration I actually feel more at peace. But we still feel like there is more guidance waiting for us. And it just so happened that in the Friend magazine a few months back (at a particularly trying time) we read a story about a boy who lost a coin in the grass and couldn't find it. His mother had taught him about praying with a plan (think of the bother of Jared and the 16 stones (Ether 2: 22-25 and Ether 3: 1, 4-6)) anyways so the boy made a plan of how to find the coin and then prayed that the Lord would help him find it...and he did!
That same week we read that article we also learned about the Brother of Jared in Sunday School (before we were called to teach Sunbeams) This isn't going to be like a Ensign article. But we did talk about what we want to happen the rest of school and planned out Cody's school schedule so we had an idea of when he would graduate. Just today I sat down and decided to write down what we had talked about and put it up so we could see it and remember it and refer to it. I thought that maybe if I put it on here it would be more of an incentive to make sure we do it. :) This doesn't include Cody's actual schedule - Just a basic outline of each semester. 

Fall 2013
School - Cody
Preschool - Joseph
Going to the General Relief Society Meeting tomorrow with a group of girls in the ward!!
Home for Thanksgiving

Winter 2014
School - Cody
Preschool - Joseph
Baby in January !!!!
May - Women's Conference (I have desperately wanted to go since we moved here)

Spring/Summer 2014
Cody - Internship
Home for Schultz Reunion (and home to see Robles)
Triathamom (a goal of mine to accomplish this the end of next summer)

Fall 2014
School - Cody
Kindergarten - Joseph !!!
Preschool - Rylee ? (not sure if I will do this for Rylee...)
Home for Christmas

Winter 2015
School - Cody
Kindergarten - Joseph
Preschool - Rylee ?
**Cody Graduate! (possibly now or in the Spring)

Summer 2015
DISNEYLAND (or some other BIG vacation to celebrate!)

Very Exciting. I've been needing a little of that in my life after such a bad summer. :(    :)