Friday, September 20, 2013

Cody's Studio Space

I have to add a little post here about one of the perks of Cody being in the BFA Illustration Program....
Yes, the studio space has saved not only our marriage...but out lives!
Okay, so I am being dramatic. But seriously, once I learned that Cody was going to get studio space at the beginning of the semester the semester couldn't begin fast enough!
Why is this such a big deal you ask?
This is a glimpse of our bedroom....our BEDROOM mind you, not a third spare room or a studio room or even a closet, our sacred holy love room. Pretty Romantic, huh? Okay, I'll say this, I took this picture after we had already started cleaning stuff out (and you have to make big messes before you can make big wasn't usually this messy. But you get the idea. No drawers to hide messes, just shelves to throw things on. A Glorified Shelf you could say! No more though. He took all his art supplies to the school and packed up the stuff he didn't throw away and I spent one whole afternoon taking down his desk. And oh my! We have so much SPACE in our room now....and it looks so clean...even when the bed isn't made and there are clothes on the floor! Incredible!
So now and small glimpse of his Studio Space....

And it was so much fun helping set it up.