Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Library

Today we went to the library after preschool. I actually had a little bit more energy today. Praying (pleading) for more energy really does help I can testify to that!
I am always amazed at Joseph's sociability - because of mine and Cody's lack thereof. I can say for my part that I LOVE people and love to be around them...but when it comes to talking to them.... yeah, I am inept. Joseph is a pro at using the Library. I don't even know where he learned it but I love how if he ever needs to find a book he runs right up to the desk and asks he librarian for help. I usually try to avoid Librarians and find books myself... not Joseph, somehow he knows that's what she is there for! It is so adorable! I feel too tired to rush the kids out the door and to our house. The Library is great and making you want to read... once we are home it can be a little harder to sit down and read. So, after we get our books we always go to the same corner of the juvenile section and cozy up together and look though and read books. I love the Library!
Sometimes, though,  I get a little frustrated at the library, because I ALWAYS know what Joseph wants to read...superhero books. I'll be honest, I am getting really sick and tired of Superheros. I remember at one point when Joseph was very little how cute little boys into superheroes was..... not so much anymore. Anyways, I guess I get frustrated because I would like it if Joseph branched out a bit and tried other subjects in reading. But, also, if he loves reading superhero books, and will actually sit down with me and let me read it to him.... then why should I complain? I don't want to be a mom that takes away certain books to get him to read others only to have him not read at all. So I grin and bear reading The Amazing Spiderman vs. The Green Goblin for the millionth time and try to focus on his four year old body cuddling up to mine to see the pictures and here mom's voice reading to him (showing him how much I love him). Yes, we love the Library!