Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rain Come Down

uhg. Not really in the mood to update and try and be clever. But we have a slew of cute pictures I wanted to share....

It has been raining like CRAZY over here! And I LOVE it. I can't wait for summer and the dang puke inducing heat to be over! The kids love it too. There is a little dip in the maintenance road right outside our place that is like a perpetual puddle and they love to play in it.

Sneak Peak of some projects that I am working on every now and again when I have time. I am REALLY excited for Halloween this year :)

Joseph started preschool at Headstart. He LOVES it. The first week was a little rocky for me. I was like 30 min late picking him up two days. His preschool is actually on the other side of town and it takes like 20 min to get there! :( Which sucks. But how can I resist taking him when we gets soooo excited to go EVERY single day? I went to the first Parent meeting. Only eight parents showed up and we were doing elections for parent presidency and policy committee - There were six positions to fill. I had thought of volunteering for secratary before the meeting because I enjoy organizing in that way but because I am going to have a new little one in January and I didn't know how much work it would take I thought I would skip this time. After seeing only eight parents there I knew I would have to do something. I am actually the Policy Committee Representative. It's kind of a cool position. I go to these big meetings once a month at the head office (where they serve us dinner) and discuss policies. If Headstart receives grants and donations I get to help choose how that money will be spent. When they hire new teachers I may be invited to the interviews and be able to help choose which teachers to hire! Pretty Cool. They don't offer childcare but they reimburse me to find child care for those meetings. Sounds pretty good to me. :) And I have to mention. Headstart is an awesome program and really can't function without the involvement of parents. Part the reason there were so few parents the first night is because we were only told about it the day before. Usually more show up.

Rylee wanted to wear her back pack too. On the first day she kind of threw a fit that she couldn't stay and play too. She would do great at preschool I think. :)

Like I said before - There has been a lot of rain. We spent Labor Day in Park City (Cody't been wanting to go so bad all summer) It started to pour on us and we were trying to stay dry until we realized that it wasn't going to let up so we just walked around in the rain and got DRENCHED. It was a lot of fun. And the drive to Park City is amazing. much more interesting then Provo (I hate the view here)  The nexy weekend BYU football was to play Texas Longhorns here in Provo. Just before it was to start the craziest storm blew through. We could even see the clouds racing (like literally racing across the mountains not that high above us) and (as was written on the BYU home page) a storm the would impress Noah fell upon us with a constant thundering booming off the mountain for a long time. We had JUST gotten to Campus to help Move all the Cody's Art supplies to his awesome studio space he gets all to himself at school!) We were running around in the run all over campus trying to get things done. This storm caused the game to be delayed by two hours and their was crazy puddles (flooding) all over Provo! Then after the storm once the game started what happened? BYU totally wiped Texas' butt!!!! And Texas is placed pretty high I guess. 40-21. It was an awesome win after loosing our first opening game the week before in years. Fun weekend.

Rylee was shivering like crazy poor girl. Me and the kids sat and snuggled while Cody went to get the car for us.

This girl has skills on the scooter. She loves it and is super fast! :)