Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dressing Your Truth and Energy Profiling.

Sorry for all the non-kiddie posts. Not too much going on. Just school and preschool and naps. But I have been wanting to write about this for quite some time.

If you click on the picture it will take you to the website.
This is kind of my obsession right now. I was introduced to by Rebecca last year. She is a friend I made when we first moved into the ward last year. I saw it on her facebook and checked it out and have been going back ever since. The idea behind Dressing Your Truth is based off what is called Energy Profiling (and honestly it is Energy Profiling that I am more interested in then Dressing Your Truth...partially because Dressing Your Truth costs way too much for me right now!) 
I honestly don't think that I can explain Energy Profiling in this post. The year's worth of information I have gathered is swimming in my brain and I might confuse you. If you go to the website and enter in your email then you will receive one video a day that explains in depth what it all is. It really is very interesting.
But, because of what I want to tell you of what I have discovered about myself I will have to explain a little about it. 

Basically it is a type of Personality test/profiling. Except it is a lot more then that. There is actually no test to take. You learn the material and through your own intuition you determine which type of energy you are. also, it is so much more then just a personality profile. As the founder Carol Tuttle (they live in Utah and are LDS, just an interesting side note) says, Personalities can be altered by society and expectations. It is about the way we move and the energy we give off and even based on our facial structure! 
I know that this may sound a little crazy (I thought it did at first, but the more I heard the more it made sense)
There are four types of energy that people exude. We have all the energies in us but we only have one dominant energy that we express. Later I learned that we also have a strong secondary. 
The Type 1 Energy is like air - It bright, animated, uplifting, and fresh.
Type 2 is like water (fluid and flowing) - Soft, subtle, comforting, detail oriented. 
Type 3 is like Fire (active, reactive) - Pushing, Rich, dynamic, Determined. (Carol Tuttle is this, and Bailey - if you read this I am pretty positive you are this as well! :)
Type 4 is like Ice - Still, Bold, striking, exact. (a lot of celebrities and models are this type)

Here is a REAL basic idea of each type. 
It has been interesting to read about these types and see myself in them. After all the info I have gathered and videos I have watched I know that the two I express are Type 1 and Type 2. I am still trying to figure out which is dominant and which is secondary. I honestly feel that I dominate with Type 1 though. So much of what was said applies to me and now makes sense and to why I do things the way I do. 
Some examples - 

Type ones crave change. I actually didn't' realize this until I heard it. You always here people say how hard change can be and I usually just shake my head like I get it. But actually, as I thought about my past I realized I am love change. All the times I rearranged my bedroom and came up with weird ways to place the furniture and the amount of times I have changed decor in my house. Type ones also are open to all possibilities - anything is possible. No one I get to indecisive with renting a movie or picking out Ice cream. I honestly could take anything! Also, they jump from activity to activity, this is why I now know that if I want to do a project and have it done by a certain date I have o give myself a LONG time because I will work on one project and jump to another that seems more fun at the time and jump back/ That's why when putting together an event (like Jana's wedding reception) I found it hard to stay with one project and get it done, I'm sure a lot of people thought I was rude just up a leaving a project before it was done and going to something else. Type ones also have a great ability to come up with ideas. I do that! But then a draw back could be that we come up with so many possibilities and ideas we tend to drop the ball. That is me to a T! Type ones are also pretty social (not me so much) but I do LOVE people and I love to be around them. I love the idea of doing things for people and come up with ideas but then (sadly) I don't always follow through. But because a type one is all about other people they tend to give their power over to others. Because they want others to have fun (for a type one it's all about fun) they will give up what they want to others can have fun. I can think of two times this happened with Cody, Nathan, and Nina. We were all hanging out and we decided to rent a movie. The first time Cody Suggested Iron Lady, I had NO desire to see the movie but I didn't know if Nathan and Nina did so I didn't say anything because I didn't want to be the one person to say no and ruin the fun. Again, another time, Cody suggested Lincoln. Again, I had NO desire to see the movie but did not want to ruin the fun for others. Also, Type 1's are talkative. There have been times before I learned about this that in Cody's family I would just start talking and talking and then when I was done I would feel really dumb and think "Why can't I just sit quietly and not talk to much?" Now I know. That's just my nature. It's who I am. When I am comfortable and feel safe around people I open up more and act more like a Type one. 
I also see Type 2 in me. Mostly that I can be pretty sensitive and emotional. And FYI! Cody is a wonderful Type 2 ( I believe Secondary Type 1)! :)

Also keep in mind there is a way to look at your facial structure and determine your type. I have a super hard time with this though. I don't get it. 
For example. Type ones will have a lot of circles and points of stars in their face. Oh heck, watch the free videos when you provide your email on Dressing Your Truth Website. 

Carol Tuttle has also made Dressing Your Truth for Men (it opened last month) 
and The Child Whisperer - how to parent children true to their type. I am reading it right now trying to determine the kids and even myself and Cody. Because I am a Type 1 I have a hard time determining other peoples types because I am the Type that is open to all possibilities and I can see all types in people. Right now I think that Joseph is a 2/1 and Rylee... I see 1/2/and 3 in her!

Cody told me once of his concern that this is just another way to stereotype and label people. I thought about that and I don't believe that at all. I feel like I have been less judgmental of people because I understand this. I feel like this actually breaks stereo types and helps people embrace themselves and not what society thinks they should be. At the time Cody was more cautious of this, I have since shown him the way! :) although he is not as into and I am. :)

Anyways I am completely rambling! Please check it out so I can talk your ear off about it! My mom can attest to me talking your ear off about it! :)

Super long post I know I am just very excited about this!