Monday, October 21, 2013


Maybe I shouldn't long for the future so much. Although having dreams is nice to have! I haven't been all that anxious or impatient for Cody to be done with school...until we figured out his graduation date. Now.... oh man. I find myself trying to placate myself with things we don't have that would be REALLY nice to have by saying "someday....". And maybe that someday seems a little closer because the end is in site.
-Someday we will have our own washer and dryer (some people who have lived here in this community have commented that an upside to a laundry mat is that they can get their whole bundle of laundry done at once. I guess I should also try and be optimistic, but actually I like the idea of being able to wash smaller loads through out the week - especially when the kids pee on sheets and clothes should be washed sooner then later)
-Someday we will have a dishwasher
-Someday I can buy the kids newer non-expired car seats
-Someday we will have a wonderful spacious Van (I am not one of those van haters. I LOVE vans, they are spacious and I first learned to drive with my mom's van. I would take a van over an SUV ANY day)especially since I plan to fill it with kiddos. :)
-Someday I will be able to put the girls in one room and Jojo in his own room and do gender specific decorations
-Someday Cody will be able to have his own Studio Space connected to the home so he doesn't have to be so far away.
-Someday their will be enough storage space so everything has it's own place and I don't feel like I am living on top of things.

Being in school is a fun and wonderful experience that I will never forget...and I never want to forget. But I am still pretty excited for things to come...however long it may take.