Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pumpkin Patch

We made it to a pumpkin patch this year! We found a fun little place that was free entry. It had animals, hay towers, hay maze, Hay ride, Corn pit, and pumpkin patch.
Rylee was fascinated by the animals and kept running back and forth by the animals and working up the courage to pet them. She did pet a couple of them and she loved the little pig!
Joseph isn't really into animals I guess, and he just wanted to run off and play! The Biggest hit was the corn pit. It was like a sandbox but with shucked corn. It was so fun and it tickled my feet to walk in it! We had the kids pick out little pumpkins this time around since we had already carved pumpkins a week and a half ago (Which need to be chucked, they are getting all moldy).

Picking out a picture to carve. Batman of corse.

Top to bottom. Joseph, Cody, Mine, and Rylee's

Cute sad picture. 

The Piggy

Rylee was so brave and wanted to go to the top of the hay tower.

Jumping into the corn pit

She wanted me to bury her. 

Hay ride