Sunday, November 03, 2013

More Pumpkin Fun!

So we had our ward Halloween party on Tuesday. I was in charge of the bean bag toss while Cody took the kids around to all the games. We also carved a pumpkin which Joseph painted the next morning. On Wednesday night Cody and I decided to have a Halloween date since we planned on him being gone from 1pm  to midnight on Halloween (but then a coworker said he would take Cody's night shift and we were able to spend the holiday together!) We carved Pumpkins and watched Monster's University Wednesday. I think these pumpkins were our best!
Rylee's little pumpkin from the pumpkin patch (we couldn't find Joseph's so he painted the Ward Party one), Mine, Joseph's, and Cody's

How we light our pumpkins.

Me and Cody were skeletons - mine had the baby's skeleton and Cody's stomach had pizza and candy. Rylee was a Kitty Cat, and Joseph was Captain America. I haven't gotten a good picture of their costumes. For posterity and memory sake (and because I worked hard (hard for me) on them) I am going to dress them up again next week and take pictures.)

It was a good Halloween this year. It was a nice day so we went for a walk before Jo's preschool. He wasn't allowed to wear his costume but they had it be Pajama Day so Joseph wore his Halloween PJ's. I got to stay the first 15 min. and read to Joseph and Rylee in his classroom - that was really nice. At nigh we had Pizza and got dressed up and trick-or-treated to our neighbors apartments and the kids got a lot of candy! Then we came home and we all watched Monster's University together (Cody and I really liked it!) and then we all crashed! I had been staying up really late the few days before so I was pooped!

Somebody's retaining water. My face looks chubby wubby.  That could also be the hair. Growing hair out is painful and awkward! By the time the baby is born it will look a little better and then slowly it will be the length I want it to be.