Thursday, November 07, 2013

Halloween Costumes

So, Halloween was a week ago and I am just now getting decent (semi-decent) pictures of the costumes. I was wanting to check out a nice camera and take the pictures out in the beautiful fall leaves. But it's actually been pretty cold and I never get around to checking out a camera. Anyways, some pictures are better then no pictures! :) I realize i have a lot more pictures of Rylee, she was much more willing to have pictures taken. Joseph's outfit is missing the red arm cuffs and Red leg 'boots' I threw together.

Love the tail!

Pretending to be a cat! Meow!

Found the idea on the internet. I bought freezer paper and drew and cut out the design, ironed the freezer paper on and painted the shirts (it's also how I did Joseph's shirt) Can you guess whose was whose? Cody pointed out that the baby doesn't have a heart like us. I guess no one it perfect!