Friday, November 08, 2013

The Accident: Her Story

Now it's Rylee's turn in the ER!
This morning I had just gotten the kids ready and was just finishing up on myself. Rylee was standing on the toilet and tripped and smacked the back of her head on the side of the tub. She started crying and I picked her up to hold her and said "oh! You're okay. I'm so sorry that happened." not thinking more of it but then it felt like there was something wet on my arm and I looked down and say blood. That freaked me out! So I turned her around and I had to move her hair and saw some blood. I thought, "Oh, you've got to be joking!" I called Cody and told him what had happened and he asked if she was cut and I said she wasn't really letting me look. So I had to hold her down and kind of dig through her hair and sure enough there was a deep 1inch cut! So I picked up Cody (because with Joseph I didn't have a choice and I had to go alone, but with Rylee, he could be there so I wanted him to be there) and we went to the ER. Just like with Joseph her cut had stopped bleeding and she was her normal self. That was really nice as a mother to not have your child screaming or crying I think that would have made me a nervous wreck. Anyways, I was concerned they would have to shave her head to do stitches. I totally forgot about staples! Which is what the doctor said they were going to do. That freaked me out a bit because all I think about is a utility staple gun and that does not sound nice. When we got there they put this cold gel on a cotton ball and put it on her cut and wrapped her head in a pink band (they called it her princess tiara) This cold gel sat there and helped to numb the area so that when they worked on her it wouldn't hurt so much.
They said they could either wrap her up in a blanket to keep her hands down and just do three quick staples - she would cry for like 20 sec and then be fine, but she probably wouldn't like doctor's for awhile. Or they could sedate her and then do the staples but that we would be there a lot longer. Now, I'm not exactly against sedation in little children. But I still don't like the idea of it. I didn't like the idea of wrapping her up wither (Which, honestly is better then strapping her down) Cody and I talked and just decided to wrap her up and do it quick. She was so calm and obedient (like Joseph when he got his stitches) She didn't cry or complain when they were cleaning it. Then they did three quick staples (Which wasn't as bad as a utility staple gun) and she did cry - for like 20 seconds like the doctor said and then she was completely fine! We decided to take them out to get ice cream, but Rylee fell asleep on the way to the store and slept through us eating. So we just bought her a doughnut to eat when she woke up.
She is doing just fine and is her old self. She can still take baths ect. I just need to be careful when I brush her hair and in 3-5 days I'll go back in and have then remove them.