Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013

It was a great relaxing Christmas!
We missed our family but we enjoyed not running around from house to house. We just took things at our own pace and enjoyed each others company.

Ward Christmas Party

Rylee enjoyed dancing and running round in front of the stage. 

Our singing Star!

Cody painted the Donkey for the Nativity!

'Gingerbread' Houses
Joseph's. I have to add that Joseph's Gingerbread house was built on the backs of gummy bears. Literally. This boy would eat just parts of gummy bears and then stick the rest of them on the house. Beware the attic where particular carnage took place. I don't know this child.....


Rylee's. She couldn't wait and had already started eating hers. 

Mine. So boring, i know!

Sledding, By far the funnest thing we did. We love our little hill.

Snow Angel

Building a Fort.

Trying to take a picture of the Shepherd's meal.

Joseph and Mary.

Watching Miracle on 34th Street. 

Gingerbread cookies and milk for Santa

Christmas Morning
Theses kids really enjoyed playing out in the snow During Christmas

....and they love each other

Happy New Year!