Monday, March 24, 2014

A Break From the Fast

Here is a nice little post about our family just to prove I am not totally selfish! :)

I registered Joseph for Kindergarten last week!! Craziness. I am excited though because the Elementary School is just down the road instead of across town! :)

I have set up about four different meetings to register Rylee for Preschool at headstart and for different reasons I have yet to register her!

Louise is growing and beautiful and still has goopy eye...which she has had since she was a week old. The doctor says she either has a very small tear duct that can't clear out correctly and it will eventually grow bigger or it is clogged. But she has had it so long that is probably just too small. But I think it is infected. :(

Since we have moved here I have had a great desire to attend BYU's Women's Conference! Last Summer I made a list of things I REALLY wanted to do and decided that this would be the year I would go! I haven't thought too much about it these last several months. And then today I got a brochure (actually mailed to a previous resident) about Women's Conference and with information that if I paid for it before this Friday it would be cheaper!! I actually find this to be more than coincidence! So I registered TODAY! I am so excited to go. Cody will be done with school for the summer and can watch the kids. There is the possibility of us being gone on an internship at that time but I don't think we will leave until later.

I have information for Cody but I will hold off just to make sure everything works together. :)

Now some pictures!