Monday, March 24, 2014

Juice Fast: Day 7

Total Weight Loss - 12 lbs.

I am over half way done!!! :) YES! And oddly - as much as I could definitely eat sweets after this fast I am mostly craving COOKED vegetables... not raw and juiced vegetables.
Today was a really hard day. I felt angry a lot and just plain hungry. Last night we ran out of a lot of food and I wasn't able to get more until this evening. So both Cody and I were angry and HUNGRY (that and we were up late last night getting Cody registered for Fall semester! This day more than any other I have just wanted to stuff my face with whatever food was in our cupboards! I made Mac n' cheese for the kids and I REALLY wanted to eat it!

We are also playing around with some smoothie recipes that include fresh juice like apple, and others. I enjoys those a lot they are usually VERY tasteful and seem to have more substance. I hope this isn't cheating - but it is all fresh!