Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Accident

Our sweet little Jojo had to get stitches! 
Me and Joseph were outside on Friday just enjoying how warm and beautiful it was while Rylee was taking a nap.
Not only has it been super cold here the air quality has been potentially harmful to "sensitive groups" (kids, elderly, and the sick) which I guess can happen quite often here in the Utah Valley. Crazy.
So letting the kids play outside has been pretty much not happening (even kids at the school weren't allowed out for recess). 
We got out the sled (there was still a lot of snow) and I let Joseph go down our little hill alone (big mistake!)
When we had gone a few days earlier we hadn't gotten very far so I thought he would be fine. And he DID start to slow down a little but then he picked up speed and headed right for the light post! I was still at the top of the hill so I started running down, I saw him hit his head but just thought it would be bruised. When I got to him there was blood all over his face! The cut was almost 1 inch wide and very deep to the skull!
I was freaked out but tried not to show it. Joseph cried at first and said he was scared but once I cleaned him up and got a band aid on him he was fine. At one point he walked into the bathroom wanting to look at the wound I'm guessing but I wouldn't let him. I called a neighbor to come watch Rylee while I took Joseph to the ER. By that time Joseph was pretty much his old self and seemed just fine. Luckily we didn't have to wait long and Joseph was SOOOO brave and good, they didn't even have to put him under (Just a few shots to numb the area). He just sat still on the bed and watched PBS! 
Because he did hit his head the doctor told me to watch out for throwing up or headaches. Joseph has been doing great though. Except for when we change band aids...he doesn't like that. 
All in all it turned out okay. He even likes to retell the story every now and again. 
I am really proud of him and way he handled it all, what a tropper!

The battle wound.

Our big boy! (this was before his stitches, He just looked so cute last Sunday!)

I LOVE Joseph's nose when he smiles, it almost reminds me of a dwarf's! :)